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1. Every time a client needs a solution, it's hard for them to know who to hire. At Licensed Consultants we recommend the best consultants based on their expertise.

2. Potential clients can see your video on our private YouTube channel, as well as comments and ratings from your past clients.

3. You can either register as yourself or with your company's name.

4. We will help you increase your job opportunities as we work with 90% of the FORTUNE 500 Companies Worldwide.

5. And the best part... it won't cost you a thing! Ever!

What Consultants are saying...

 "My business increased 60% since joining Licensed Consultants. Before I was promoting my work at different events and giving out presentation cards to promote my small consulting company, it was exhausting and sometimes fruitless. It's a very competitive world and although we deliver an incredible service, it's a continuous battle to get noticed. After joining Licensed Consultants free of charge, my company has grown exponentially, thanks to incredible projects knocking right at our door. Joining was the best decision we have ever made. Thank you, Licensed Consultants!"
- Mary B., New York 


 We won't publish your name or the name of your Company on the website. We follow strict data privacy rules and will always ask you if you are interested in the project before we send your data to the client.  We want everyone - big or small - to have equal opportunity as we follow profound ethical principles. Trust is our most important value. 

Certification Process

 We have seen that different countries have different rules for Certification. In some countries Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, and Coaches must be certified and have hours of expertise, whilst in others, it may not apply. To make sure our clients always get the best quality of service, we ask everyone in our community to go through our Certification Process, which is free of charge and available right here. Just suscribe and we will send you your LC Welcome kit!

If you want to get additional certifications on a particular skill or area of expertise, you can get an ExpertConsultant Certificate  (ECC ©)  or  a ProCertificate (PRO ©), which includes an interview, videos, interactive avatar testing, and evaluations. 

More information on that in your LC Welcome kit!

For Consultants

We will promote you!

It won't cost you a thing! Ever! And we will put companies in touch with you directly.

No hidden fees or agendas.

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We provide an easy-to-fill template so you can tell us all about you and your expertise!

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Clients can write reviews about your work. Companies who hire you through our service will rate you so you can increase your business!

Tips for Creating an Engaging Demo Reel

Check this video out and create engaging Demo Reels by yourself!

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We will send you a welcome kit that includes your Powered CV  template, info on how to upload your demo reel and all you need to be part of LC´s Global Network                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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