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 The search for the best consulting, coaching or training programs taught by certified professionals is now easier, faster and guaranteed! 

Just let us know your needs, your location, the kind of program you want, or the type of consultant, coach or facilitator you are looking for and voilá! You will get recommendations with reviews from our clients, all their expertise, and the best part is that you can see them in action on our Youtube channel. 

Certified and Guaranteed - risk free!

 Licensed Consultants is a new approach that helps you find, through a powerful algorithm, exactly what you need, save time and make sure your expectations are met in terms of Organizational Development, using our LC Finder.

We’ve built a rich database of vetted and reference Speakers,  Consultants, Trainers, and  Coaches, from sole practitioners to boutiques and large brand-name consultancies, covering every major industry and domain. We will send you options that meet your criteria so you can contact them directly or through us. It's easy, transparent and fast. 

Best of all, our service is low cost! 25 USD always, with no hidden fees, satisfaction guaranteed. Love the person/company we recommend or get your money back.  Whether you’re a small business, government or large enterprise. 

How it works

What makes different Licensed Consultants from search engines is that you don't enter keywords, but your actual consulting, training, coaching or facilitator needs. This way, we can make our recommendation tailor-made and reduce to one or two consultancies who meet all your criteria. Our recommendations are based on proprietary matching algorithms which pinpoint the most suitable options in the market to satisfy your needs in more than 40 countries. Without blended high-tech/high-touch approach, we quality check the results generated by our software before connecting you with consultants. 

For example

 Let's say you need an experienced Change Management consultant with expertise in organizational restructure, he/she must be available to work in New York City, next month for two weeks, has to be able to work within a provisional budget and you already have a strong preference for someone with experience within the financial services sector. But you do not have the time to do some research from scratch. 

Send us your needs, we will look for matches and send you all the options available. We have evaluated and licensed all our consultants, within their profiles, you will be able to read reviews and ratings from his/her previous clients.  A web wizard suddenly appears and you are guided through several questions which define your needs. Finally, you have to enter your contact details and click on "Finish. 

 Within 1 to 2 days, you should expect to hear from us about your matched consultant. If you have any question during the process, feel free to contact us, we'll be delighted to help. 

What happens after the matching is completed?

 Licensed Consultants is not present in any discussions between you and the consultant (s). However, we monitor the quality of the service delivered via  Customer Satisfaction Survey and incorporating your reviews to our offering. 

Licensed Consultants is independent, we are purely motivated by our genuine desire to find the best-fit solutions for your needs. There are no catches - service guaranteed a win-win-win for all!

Try our service for your next consulting need, and see just how quick and easy it is to use! 

Join more than 500 companies worlwide in doing smart searches and get exactly what you need!


We never publish the name of companies working with us and we only send you information on  pre-screened certified solution providers... with ratings and verified comments.

No hassle. 


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